About Standing Together

We bring local services together to keep people safe.

Most public services weren't designed with domestic abuse in mind, and they often struggle to keep people safe. Poor communication and gaps between services put survivors at risk. Standing Together aim to end domestic abuse by changing the way that local areas respond to it. We do this through an approach that we pioneered, called the Coordinated Community Response (CCR).

The Coordinated Community Response brings services together to ensure local systems truly keep survivors safe, hold abusers to account, and prevent domestic abuse. Our model of a coordinated local partnership to tackle and ultimately prevent domestic abuse is now widely accepted as best practice.

We also deliver training to a range of professionals including criminal justice partners, police, health professionals, housing associations, MARACs, social services, local authorities and faith groups. If you are interested in learning more about the training we offer see our training page.

We aim to see every area in the UK to adopt the Coordinated Community Response, in order to:

  • Keep survivors and their families safe.

  • Hold abusers to account and change damaging behaviours.

  • Prevent and ultimately end domestic abuse.

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