About Star Bereavement and Support Service

Star’s Mission is to support children, young adults (3-25 years) and families across the Wakefield District, affected by the death of a person important to them - parent, carer, friend, sister, step-brother, grandparent….  addressing their needs in ways that are compassionate, comprehensive, and accessible.

To achieve Star’s Mission, we have three key interlocking Aims, to deliver and develop:

Preventive, Strengths-Based Service, that helps children and young people build resilience and the coping skills they need to adjust to their loss and handle future challenges.  Using careful assessment and 1:1 and group interventions tailored to individual and whole family needs.

Evaluation and Research, to continuously improve the effectiveness of our service. Supporting development and implementation of  bereavement-specific protocols that incorporate standardised measures of general adjustment, depression, and trauma, as well as grief-specific measures.  Recognising grieving children, young people and families as the experts.

Training and Education: Strengthening the Workforce and Increasing Community Capacity: Supporting family, friends and communities so they too are more resilient and better able to respond to loss and bereavement.  Disseminating knowledge and building workforce capacity and public awareness in ways that can potentially impact the lives of grieving children and families anywhere in the Wakefield District.  Work in partnership with schools, GP/health professionals and voluntary sector organisations.

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