About STAR (Student Action for Refugees)

STAR is a national charity which welcomes refugees to the UK. Founded by students in 1994 we are a membership organisation comprised of student union societies at universities and FE colleges across the UK.  Last year there were 46 STAR groups reaching 34,000 students.

STAR’s vision is to build a society where refugees are welcomed and supported to lead happy and successful lives as equal members of our community. We work to achieve this by empowering students to:

  • Volunteer their time to deliver direct services to refugees in the community. Last year, 2,000 STAR student volunteers supported 90 refugee projects and delivered direct services to 4,000 refugees and asylum seekers across the UK including English Conversation Clubs, drop-ins and homework clubs for kids.
  • Campaign to make the UK a more welcoming place for refugees. STAR’s current priorities are access to higher education, family reunion and detention.  STAR’s Equal Access Campaign is in partnership with the NUS and part of a wider coalition.  We have secured scholarships for asylum seekers and refugees at 61 universities and through Parliamentary advocacy ensured the 23,000 refugees being resettled from the MENA region now have immediate access to university. 
  • Educate people about refugees. We provide a platform for refugees, filmmakers, artists and activists to reach university audiences with positive accurate information about asylum.  Last year 30,000 people attended student-led educational events including talks, films, plays and concerts, so that people can learn about the experiences of refugees and join the refugee welcome movement. 

“For the past years I have worked with many charities, but this charity in particular always kept in contact with me, either supporting me with getting into university or inviting me to deliver workshops and so on. They always believed in me and my vision for the future.” - STAR refugee student

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