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Start Network is made up of more than 50 aid agencies across five continents, ranging from large international organisations to national NGOs. Together, our aim is to transform humanitarian action through innovation, fast funding, early action, and localisation.

We're tackling what we believe are the biggest systemic problems that the sector faces. Problems including slow and reactive funding, centralised decision-making, and an aversion to change mean that people affected by crises around the world do not receive the best help fast enough, and needless suffering results. Our work focuses on three areas to change the system:

  • Localisation: We believe a more balanced system, that shifts power to those closest to the front line will generate more effective and appropriate responses for people affected by crises.
  • New forms of financing: We believe that by understanding the risks we face and providing fast, early, and predictable funding, we can help communities to become better prepared and more resilient to crises.
  • Collective innovation: We believe that new ways of working are needed to tackle the challenges we face. By innovating collectively, we can share expertise, insights and perspectives to shape a more effective humanitarian system.

Start Network is well-positioned to deliver change. More than 200 organisations have expressed interest in joining us, we have a growing donor base, and we are the partner of choice on key innovation platforms delivering change in the sector. 

We became a newly-created independent company and charity in May 2019. The Start Network was previously hosted by Save the Children, with whom we continue to work closely as hosts of some of our programmes.  We're a talented and diverse team of just over forty people with can-do attitudes and a desire to change the global aid system.

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