About Streets of Growth

Our Vision: ‘No Young-Adults Living Harmful Lifestyles’

Our Mission:  Reducing Harm – Transforming Lifestyles

Streets of Growth (SG) is an outcome driven, community based organisation working across the borough of Tower Hamlets where our name is our aim. We are leading edge interventionists where the difference is in our detail. We work intensively, and tirelessly re-engaging young-adults aged 15-25 who are stuck, often struggling in poverty, harm and violence; disconnected to regeneration opportunities. Our uniqueness and impacts are due to the way we design and seamlessly interweave outcome driven life skills coaching with ‘tailor made’ project programming of entrepreneurial and employability skills, along-side relentless outreach and targeted street work intervention, thus, disrupting the cycle of gangs, violence, criminality and hopelessness amongst young communities and equipping young adults with the skills and resilience to thrive socially and economically.

Our evidence based Bridging programming works with a young person for 1-3 years, to support them to make sense of and process the trauma they have experienced and to develop the resilience, motivation and skills to make and sustain positive lifestyle changes. To support and enable a young person to achieve this, we work across 3 areas of a young person's need; namely,

• Lifestyle: Our interventions in this area are mindful of the individual’s mental and emotional wellbeing and the challenges they face to make diffcult life choices and to change negative, harmful, attitudes and behaviours.

• Enterprise and Careers: Our staged based programming works creatively with a young person to develop entrepreneurial/employability skills that will enhance their success in the job market and increase their economic resilience.

• Environment:  We work with each young person to overcome challenges faced because of their environment such as postcode issues and feeling left behind in the regeneration of their communities.

In summary, for the young people, it is not a linear path to success- they get started, get angry, may get arrested, do not show up and have to be outreached many times over and finally each young person will succeed and progress to leave negative lifestyles behind and take responsibility for their actions, have a job and make a positive contribution to their local neighbourhoods and the wider society. And at every step of this journey Streets of Growth Youth Intervention Coaches walks with a young adult, supporting, positively challenging and coaching during the relapses; encouraging and coaching during the positive moments of change for a young person. Thus, helping a young person to become an independent and thriving individual.

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