About Suffolk Mind

Our Mission

We want to make Suffolk the best place in the world for talking about and taking care of mental health.

Our Approach to Mental Health

All of us have mental health, just as we have physical health. We are all on the mental health continuum – and we move up and down it depending on how we cope with the challenges of life and the stresses that it creates.

Suffolk Mind works across the continuum, from wellbeing to ‘severe and enduring’ mental ill-health, providing support & information for everyone.

The Emotional Needs and Resources

To influence our services and products we use an ‘organising idea’: that we all have physical and emotional needs and a set of skills and resources that we’re born with to meet those needs. This is referred to as the Emotional Needs & Resources Model.

We have 12 physical and emotional needs, including attention, control, emotional connection, respect, food and drink, achievement, sleep, security, community, meaning and purpose, privacy, movement.

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