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We are setting up a brand new small charity called “The Sunshine Charity” in response to the high levels of loneliness, isolation and mental health issues and needs that arise from being lonely and we want to be the sunshine in people’s lives to help them break isolation and give them the support and networks to build positive friendships and relationships, while giving them new opportunities and life experiences to help boost their happiness and wellbeing.

The charity is being set up due to the Founders experiences with a lack of support and care for his sister who is disabled and doesn’t receive any mentoring or have any friendships with people her own age, which has made her suicidal, feeling very unhappy with no-where to turn. Also within the Founders work in social work, the high rise of a number of people who have committed suicide due to being lonely with no help and support.

As we are new and small starting our journey, we want to start with a Café style drop-in space for people to come have a coffee and talk about their issues to someone who can just listen to them and give them that human connection and contact. We also want to provide a range of social based activities that will get people active, and feeling positive about their lives and we would also like to have a buddy/mentoring programme especially for those unable to leave their homes, just to name a few of the services we hope to run.

Why not volunteer with us and help us transform the lives of vulnerable people suffering is silence, and lets break the chains of isolation and loneliness.

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