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The Sunshine Charity

The Loneliness and Wellbeing Charity

The Sunshine Charity is a newly registered charity providing services and support to those living with loneliness and social isolation, Our mission is to bring 'Sunshine' and human connection missing in peoples lives, through our Befriending Service, Social Networking Based Activities and through wellbeing Groups, both online and face to face.

The Sunshine Charity was born out of love, and a passion to make change based on the lived experiences of the Founder's sister, who has been living with Cerebral Palsy all of her life; the loneliness and social isolation that both the physical and mental disability has caused her and the loneliness of having no friends, the inability to do things for herself and the lack of compassion and care within the health and social care system to understand her needs and to make her feel human, has led to her feeling in total darkness, suicidal and wishing to end her life.

We are looking for dedicated, committed and punctual volunteers to join our Team, Our Community and Our Family.

Why not volunteer with us and help us transform the lives of vulnerable people suffering in silence and darkness and let us break the chains of social isolation and loneliness, bring in the Sunshine and help make a difference in the lives of those in need.

The Sunshine Charity

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