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Teach A Man To Fish supports schools worldwide to set up student-led businesses which are both educational and profitable. These school businesses - from honey production to eggs, vegetables to carpentry, crafts to dance troupes – are researched, planned and managed by the students themselves. We train teachers and provide step-by-step guidance to assist teachers in leading their students in a real business. This educational approach represents a new way of addressing both rural and urban poverty, by giving young people in school the necessary tools – technical knowledge, business and entrepreneurship skills and practical experience as well as transferable life skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving – that will help them succeed in work and life. Teach A Man To Fish has brought its pioneering programmes to more than 100 countries worldwide, directly benefitting over 300,000 young people since 2006. We have offices in Central America, Africa and Asia to provide field-based support to schools in marginalised locations, and a global programme that is available to any school anywhere through the School Enterprise Challenge website.

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