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90% of people with severe mental illness want to work, yet only 8% of people with severe mental illness are in work. IPS (Individual Placement and Support) is the leading model to help people with mental illness into work. It is a model of supported employment, which means it aims to help people find paid jobs within just weeks of being referred to the service. Then it continues to work with both employer and employee to sustain the job placement for as long as possible, or to help the client into a different job.


At IPS Grow, we believe in building hope and that anyone who wants to work, should be given the opportunity to do so. We recruit and support brilliant people to become IPS Employment Specialists and help individuals with mental health support needs fulfil their dreams. There are IPS Employment Specialist roles within NHS Trusts and third sector organisations across the country, so if you’re passionate about mental health and keen to support people in their recovery journey, this could be a great career for you. 


Why choose a career in IPS?

1) Help people fulfil their dreams

Finding suitable work can tranform people's lives, especially people with mental health issues. As an IPS Employment Specialist, you will discover what people dream to do, and then help them make it a reality.

2) Unleash your creativity

You'll work with a huge variety of people with different interests, skills, and barriers. You'll need to be creative and resourceful to help every one of your clients achieve their goals.

3) Work with others

You'll be the employment experts in a team of mental health professionals - that means working with clinicians, service users, employers and otehrs to get the best outcomes for your clients.

What does a career in IPS look like?

One moment working closely with service users to set goals, refine their CVs, or practice interview techniques, the next discussing roles with employers, the next sitting with clinical teams in review meetings - an IPS specialist never has the same day twice. If you are passionate, creative, and solution-oriented, good at building partnerships and growing trust, and believe that everyone can succeed, working as an IPS specialist could be a varied and rewarding career for you. 

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