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When communities come together. Temwa means ‘love, within a community,’ in the language of Tumbuka. We are Bristol based charity committed to empowering remote African communities to end poverty and transform their own futures.

We know that without the central involvement of the communities in a project we cannot do anything that lasts. Temwa draws on 16 years working with remote communities in Malawi to understand that many of the challenges faced by poor rural communities are linked and mutually reinforcing. To make a lasting change, we partner with the communities and work through local structures to tackle the various causes of poverty simultaneously, not just symptoms.

Malawi is the third poorest country in the world. Our work with communities in the Northern Region is helping local people build better futures. To date, together with the communities we have:

  • Provided safe water for 4,000 people, reducing cases of water-borne diseases by over 70%
  • Empowered over 5,000 farmers and their families to grow more sustianable agriculture and increase their food security
  • Improved literacy rates of thousands of school students through after school reading camps and secondary school bursaries
  • Supported over 1,300 entrepreneurs to start or grow their enterprises
  • Planted over 1,000,000 trees and strengthened communities' resilience to climate change
  • Tested over 30,000 people for HIV through mobile clinics and provided support to help people live positively with HIV

To achieve this we work closely with a national team in Malawi, small UK team and hundreds of volunteers across the village. We inspire local communities in the UK to help bring about this change through giving, partnering, raising and volunteering. You can be part of this work. 

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