About The Brainwave Centre Ltd

Our charitable objectives are to support children with physical and/or cognitive disabilities, whether caused by brain injury like cerebral palsy; a genetic disorder like Down’s syndrome, autism, or general developmental delay, by the provision and promotion of therapy.  Brainwave works with families to deliver home based therapy and exercise programmes tailored to each child to help them to achieve their fullest potential.  That potential could be anything from a child walking or feeding themselves, to counting or forming sentences.  We employ a range of experienced specialist staff, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and educational therapists, enabling us to take a holistic approach to seeking what is possible for each individual child.

A key success of Brainwave is our ability to recognise the impact a child with additional needs has on their family and empowering them to deliver therapy to their child at home, as we believe the family home is where children respond best, with the people whose love and care is unparalleled.  To that end, we work with the family/carer to design programmes that can be followed at home and which meets the needs of each individual child and the family as a whole.  Our therapists teach parents/carers how to carry out each exercise, in what order, for how long and why.

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