The Children's Trust

Our Values

Child & family focused

We strive to do the best for the children, young people and learners at all times, while 
demonstrating a sense of responsibility to the needs of families, even in difficult circumstances; we don’t lose sight of the needs of staff in doing this; we treat all those using our services with respect and dignity and we take individual needs into account when developing our services.


We work together to achieve the best outcomes for the children and young people we support; we 
respect individuals’ roles, contributions and opinions and treat everyone equally; we celebrate successes; we co-operate with each other and share knowledge across all areas of The Children’s Trust; we work positively with other organisations and we communicate well.

Can do

We’re flexible and adaptable; we are innovative, positive and courageous; we get things done by 
problem solving; we plan and organise our activities carefully.


We’re committed to providing the highest standards of excellence and professionalism at all times, 
taking personal responsibility and being accountable for all we do; we’re passionate about striving 
for excellence and sharing best practice; we are relentless in the pursuit of safe, compassionate 
care for every person who uses our services and welcome feedback to drive areas for improvement.


We help to create a happy, positive working environment where people want to come to work; we don’t take ourselves too seriously but we take what we do seriously; our sense of humour, used 
appropriately, helps us to cope.

Caring & supportive

We’re warm, friendly, approachable and helpful; we care about our work, the children and their 
families and we treat them with sensitivity and kindness; we look out for each other.

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