About The ClementJames Centre

The ClementJames Centre is an award-winning charity that empowers the community to release its potential in one of London’s most deprived areas. 

Our vision is for everyone in our community to release their potential and live fulfilled lives. We achieve this through providing education, employment and wellbeing support to nearly 3,000 local people each year in a safe and compassionate space:

Employment Support

ClementJames helps people to gain meaningful and sustainable employment. This enables our clients to improve their quality of life, security and independence. We offer tailored advice and support, mentoring and work skills activities.

Children and Young People’s Education

ClementJames helps children and young people to learn, flourish and achieve their potential. This allows them to feel fulfilled and have the opportunities to build the future that they choose. We provide academic support, mentoring, intensive literacy and numeracy support, and aspirational activities.

Wellbeing and Support

ClementJames empowers people to overcome barriers and challenges and to engage with their own wellbeing. This enables our clients to pursue their goals. We do this through the provision of Information, Advice and Guidance, and wellbeing support and activities.

Adult Learning

ClementJames supports adults to improve their English, Maths and ICT skills. This gives our students the confidence and knowledge to help them succeed and strengthens their place in the community. We offer a wide range of Functional Skills courses and intensive literacy and numeracy support.

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