About The Cotton Tree Trust

Founded in 2017, the Cotton Tree Trust is a small charity for the benefit of asylum seekers and refugees and their families in England and Wales. Our aim is to bring hope to refugees and asylum seekers by providing them with the practical and emotional support they need to rebuild their lives in the UK. We do this mainly through our two main branches: the legal branch and the heal & grow branch. Through the legal branch, we work together with solicitors to assist asylum seekers and their families in their efforts to assert their legal rights throughout the asylum process. Through the heal & grow branch, we aim to build confidence and resilience for asylum seekers and refugees through regular refugee-led support groups, alongside occasional tailor-made themed workshops drawing upon art, storytelling, philosophy and so on.  In addition we try to help people to access food, healthcare, housing, data and other basic needs, and we also run a successful programme of refugee-led talks in schools about the meaning of asylum and the life of a refugee.  



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