About The Elfrida Society

The Elfrida Society has supported people with learning disabilities in Islington since 1919.  We are a local charity well established and respected in our borough delivering a range of services with a focus on pioneering work which challenges attitudes towards people with learning difficulties and influences local and national policy. Our mission is ‘to make it possible for people with learning difficulties to manage as much of their lives as they want or feel able to do’.

The Elfrida Society is an organisation with a vision for a better world, social justice and equality of opportunity. Working alongside people, that we support, we provide a range of services through our four main projects; Advocacy, Consultation, Parents and Sports.

We provide services that lead to good outcomes and that are based on what people with a learning disability (in some cases accompanied by autism), have told us are most important to them:

  • 'Rights and being in control'

  • 'Housing and Home'

  • 'Work and getting involved'

  • 'Learning and Growing'

  • 'Wellbeing and Safety'

  • 'Being included'

We believe in the talents and abilities of people with learning disabilities as unique individuals - as people first. We know that people with learning disabilities have much to contribute to society and our aim is to support them to do just that.  Our work is informed by the social model of disability, underpinned by key legislation including the Human Rights Act 1998 and Equalities Act 2010.

A job at the Elfrida Society gives you the opportunity to:

  • Work for a well-established learning disability charity located in the heart of London, trusted by the people we support

  • Develop your skills, knowledge and awareness of best practice, working with people with learning disabilities

  • Be part of a diverse, effective team, collaborating across projects and within the wider community through ongoing learning and development to ensure maximum impact of our work

  • Contribute to reaching positive outcomes and towards scaling impact in the lives of people with a learning disability and/or learning difficulty

  • Be part of making social inclusion a reality through empowering approaches towards the wellbeing of people with a learning disability and/or learning difficulty.

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