About The Equality Trust

The Equality Trust (TET) was founded in 2009 by leading experts in inequality,  Professors Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson and Bill Kerry. We are the national charity that campaigns to improve the quality of life for everyone by reducing social and economic inequalities. Overwhelmingly, global research demonstrates that in countries with high levels of income inequality, we also see higher levels of physical and mental ill health, drug and alcohol addiction, obesity, violent crime and imprisonment and lower levels of social mobility, trust and educational attainment.

Our work blends campaigning nationally and locally through our volunteer local groups, and we are also the UK and European convener of the global Fight Inequality Alliance. We were delighted to be designated as one of 100 international ‘Sparks of Hope’ by The Elders, founded by Nelson Mandela as recognition of our track record of achieving change and raising awareness of the damage inequality causes to everyone in society.

Our primary activities are to harness social power to challenge, influence and change corporate power and political power in order to reduce social and economic inequality so that we can all flourish. 


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