About The Freedom Fund

The Freedom Fund is a leader in the global fight against modern slavery. It:

  • generates private funding by demonstrating how effective interventions can protect those at risk of being enslaved and free those in slavery.
  • invests in those countries and sectors with the greatest incidence of slavery.
  • analyses which interventions work best, and shares that knowledge.
  • brings together a community of activists committed to ending slavery and empowered by the knowledge of how best to do so.

The Freedom Fund has programs in northern India, southern India, Ethiopia, Thailand, south-eastern Nepal and central Nepal. Established nearly 5 years ago, and with Group income of approximately $15m, the Freedom Fund currently supports and funds over 80 organisations in these regions, the vast majority of which are frontline, community-based NGOs. It also works to influence global policy by commissioning and sharing research and amplifying the voices of its partners.

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