About The Gestalt Centre

The Gestalt Centre

Gestalt is a life-changing approach to life, counselling and psychotherapy. It enables people to develop meaningful relationships, navigate change and lead fulfilling lives by creatively utilising their own resources, skills and strengths.

As an organisation, we greatly value

  • the Gestalt approach and practice
  • enhanced awareness of self and others
  • different voices, both our own and others
  • the view that we are all connected and therefore together responsible for our communities 

Our vision is a world were meaningful and fulfilling relationships lead to wellbeing and positive change in people’s lives and organisations

We promote the mental and psychological well-being of individuals, groups and organisations through Gestalt education, training and practice.

We are a dynamic organisation that runs, accommodates and supports a number of counselling, psychotherapy, personal and professional development courses and a range of therapeutic practices that enhance mental and psychological wellbeing.

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