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The Haberdashers' Company is one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies.  Over 500 years old, today it fulfils its charitable purpose primarily through its involvement with schools.

The Company is trustee of four main grant-making foundations and four school foundations. The latter were established by members of the Company in the 16th and 17th centuries and now support, directly or indirectly, twenty schools in both the maintained and independent sectors. The charitable foundations own the land and buildings of some of the schools, providing income to them, and the Company also directly sponsors the associated Academies, providing or nominating the majority of governors for both Schools and Academies. There are about 12,000 pupils in all and nearly 1,400 staff. 

The Company’s other significant charitable activity is grant-making, as Trustee of four grant-making Foundations, through which it is able to make a difference in a range of areas which are of historic and continued importance to its members. Of the £1 million donated in the year ending June 2019, 58% of the value of these grants was for education, 26% for welfare, 10% for Christianity and the Church, 5% for health care and 1% in Arts, Sport and other. The Company is also patron of eight Church of England livings. The Head of Charities will lead, manage and advise on the Company’s grant-making to both charities and individuals.

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