About The Joshua Tree

The Joshua Tree is a small charity operating across the North West and North Wales dedicated to working closely with the families affected by childhood cancers. We work with the whole family - patient, parent, siblings and grandparents - in recognising that every family’s cancer journey is unique.

We tailor the services to suit the family’s specific needs, by means of emotional, academic and practical support, such as counselling, art and play therapy, health and well-being advice, support in and around the home and educational tutoring where required to help ensure that life remains as normal as possible during an incredibly traumatic time. 

Our Story 

Children’s cancer charity, The Joshua Tree was founded in 2006 by Lynda and David Hill after their son was diagnosed with leukaemia and discovered a distinct lack in support services for all family members during the traumatic experience of childhood cancer.

Lynda Hill, CEO of The Joshua Tree Charity has utilised her degree in Psychology and MSc in Practitioner Research to aid her role in setting up the family support aspect of the charity along with her personal experiences.  In 2015, she was awarded Cheshire Woman of the Year for her service to the community. 

The Charity’s interest in clinical research continues with the development of links with surrounding Universities to better understand the affects that childhood cancer has on a family, emotionally, cognitively and physically.

The focus remains at the heart of the charity, to continuing to offer support to the whole family, from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond, as specifically recognising that post-treatment can be a challenging time, when families are having to adapt to their `new normal` and the charity offers support to help bridge the gap that’s left when the safety net of treatment ends.

The Family Support Team are dedicated to working closely with families to the charity in recognising that every family’s cancer journey is unique, tailoring the services to suit the family’s specific needs, by means of emotional, academic and practical support, such as counselling, art and play therapy, health and wellbeing advice, support in and around the home and educational tutoring where required. 

Josh is now a healthy young man who has reaped the benefits of the physical fitness and nutritional development offered by the support services and is currently studying Health and Fitness to help more young people overcome the effects of childhood cancers. 

New Support Centre 

The Joshua Tree’s new fit-for-purpose Support Centre is being built in response to the growing demand for the charity’s support service from North West families affected by childhood cancer.

Due to be completed in 2019, the centre will provide an appropriate environment for families, accommodating children of all ages from toddlers through to teenagers and will feature a welcoming heart space, a multi-functional activity room, counselling suites, soft play and sensory equipment, a games room, office facilities, an outdoor play area and landscaped gardens.

Lynda Hill, CEO and Founder of The Joshua Tree commented: “Providing our families with a safe and appropriate environment with a range of indoor and outdoor activities designed to stimulate the children, will allow the family to experience much needed quality time together away from the confines of hospital treatment.”

Our Vision

Every step together with family and friends caring for children with cancer.

Our Mission

We are here for families living with the life changing experience of childhood cancer offering them and their wider family and friends, practical, emotional, therapeutic and educational support during an incredibly traumatic time.

Our Values 

Our values underpin all that we do and govern our external and internal behaviour. 


Use our expertise in delivering our priorities by putting donors first through pace, tenacity and determination. Be clear and timely in our decision making. Ensure that all who interact with us are clear about what needs to be done. 


Enable people to generate and implement ideas that promote our mission and increase major donations whilst keeping things simple. 


Be determined to make a difference by acting in the best interests of The Joshua Tree. 


Create energy and enthusiasm, celebrating our successes and individual achievements. Trust each other to make decisions and are accountable for our work and provide each other with support. 


Act with integrity, ethically and free from bias. Value diversity and treat each other well. Act in an open and transparent way, promoting and sharing good practice. We are committed to account for the decisions we make and how we use our funds. 

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