About The Kite Trust

Proud to promote the health, well-being, and inclusion of LGBT+ young people across Cambridgeshire; raising awareness, supporting, and educating our local communities.

Our Vision is to guarantee that LGBT+ young people are fully included in society, with equal access to opportunities, living without fear of prejudice, discrimination and harassment.

We aspire for LGBT+ young people to make successful and healthy transitions to adulthood and achieve the best of their hopes and potential.

Our work is guided by the following values. We are:

Supportive and Guiding.

We support, encourage and care.

Positive and Inclusive.

We nurture confidence, pride and happiness. We understand and support LGBT+ issues.

We provide opportunities to learn and grow.

Safe and Friendly.

We are trustworthy, professional and confidential. We are open, fun and relaxed.

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