About The Not Forgotten

Founded in 1920 for the ‘comfort, cheer and entertainment’ of servicemen wounded in WWI, The Not Forgotten provides a unique programme of support to serving personnel who are wounded, injured or sick and disabled veterans of all ages.  Supporting nearly 10,000 beneficiaries each year we are privileged to provide a tailored programme of holidays, outings, concerts, events, Royal Parties and the provision of televisions and TV licences.  Our aim is to bring hope, happiness and friendship to these men and women, and our motto ‘From Comradeship To Challenge’ illustrates the variety and breadth of the support we offer.

Mission Statement:  To deliver high quality and safe recreational and entertainment activities to meet the demands of our beneficiaries. Providing a caring and personal service which is fully linked with other recovery pathways and which is underpinned by an ethos where everyone counts and is valued.

Vision Statement:  The trusted partner of choice for providing entertainment & recreation opportunities for both beneficiaries and other Service Charities.  Meeting the high demand for activities and events, well supported by volunteers and with a strong financial base. 

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