About The Politics Project

The Politics Project supports young people to use their voice by providing them with outstanding democratic education. We specialise in digital democracy, supporting young people, teachers and politicians to use digital tools to learn, teach and engage in politics.


To ensure that every young person in the UK, regardless of their background or geographical location, can have a say on issues that matter to them.


  • To ensure that young people have the knowledge, skills and confidence to engage with the democratic system.
  • To provide opportunities for teachers to deliver outstanding democratic education.
  • To support politicians to meaningfully and effectively represent young people.

Digital Surgeries

Through our Digital Surgeries programme, we support politicians and peers to engage with young people using digital platforms to build strong relationships and a shared understanding of issues. We have delivered over 160 Digital Surgeries, working with a network of over 150 politicians and peers and 100 schools. We work with a wide range of politicians, from local councillors to MPs and government ministers, including Sir Keir Starmer MP, Ben Bradley MP, Wera Hobhouse MP, Caroline Lucas MP.

Over the last 18 months we have extended this work to support a range of partners, including the Parliamentary Education Service, the University of Exeter, the People’s History Museum, the University of Cambridge and UCL, to run thematic versions of the programme with schools across the UK. This has included looking at the work of the House of Lords, Gender and Identity, the Peterloo Massacre and climate change.

We are also working with parliamentary staff to develop a version of the Digital Surgeries programme that allows young people to use digital platforms to provide evidence to parliamentary select committee inquiries, putting young people’s voices at the heart of national policy debates.

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