About The Queen's Commonwealth Trust

We champion, fund and connect young leaders who are working hard to change the world.

We share their stories, give them a platform to amplify their ideas, and inspire others to join in.

The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust represents a growing community of young change-makers across the Commonwealth. Its platform is a place where smart ideas and insights are shared to demonstrate that change can be brought about by anyone, anywhere. Where lived experience is valued, and voices otherwise crowded out, can be heard. A place that sparks optimism and inspiration, where more and more people feel motivated and confident to step up and take positive action.

We find and support young people whose bright ideas solve local problems across a range of areas including education, health, the environment and sport.

We are still in our early stages, but our ambitions are bold. Our vision is a world where young people are equal partners in driving change. The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust uses its network, platform and resources, built and shaped together with young people from across the Commonwealth, to support young leaders in realising their dreams and hopes for the future. Together we are #TeamQCT.

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