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To ensure that children with autism obtain revolutionary and life-changing support to break through their perceived limitations and live to their true and full potential.  To ensure that the critical importance of the right sort of Early Intervention is recognised by the public as well as medical professionals and policy makers, and to actively participate in its becoming mainstream by establishing our own specialist clinic in Southern England.  To then provide unique and comprehensive support resources for the families of children with autism as they grow, with an innovative online single point of entry to this structure.

We are committed to transforming perceptions of autism worldwide, so that the underlying richness within each autistic person is appreciated, and that this revolutionises the care that is widely available.  It is our conviction - increasingly supported by the evidence - that if an appropriate, safe and carefully considered environment is available for each autistic child, they will benefit from the best possibility to live to their potential, the nature of which would stun many who currently consider them to be "disabled".  

Please also view our CEO’s TED talk, The Beautiful Reality of Autism (below), which presents the conceptual backbone to our mission and activities.

Our charity registration number is 1173134.


We aim to revolutionise public and professional understanding of autism globally and to empower people with autism to be recognised for and to live to their true and full potential; through the following goals:

  • To promote awareness of the phenomenal power of Early Intervention in autism, and to provide the means and the proof of this through a Transforming Autism Mifne clinic in the South East of England;
  • To provide, through a distinctive online portal,  inspiration and practical support for families, schools and others to achieve a transformation in their children's quality of life through the creation of an optimal environment and relationship with them.

Ultimately, we would like to see a world where all people are valued and treated according to their inner essential humanity rather than according to the many labels that each of us could wear (or that could be attached to us).  Our specific work is to bring the dream of such a world much closer for people with autism than it currently is.

We have a strong set of values, based around the core values of Unconditional Respect, Courage and Purpose, which we are deeply ingraining in our culture so that working with us is a very positive experience, and can make a huge difference to the worlds of autistic children and those who care for them.  The full list of our values can be found on our website and as an attachment to each of our volunteer ads on Charity Job.


1 - The opening of a cutting-edge Early Intervention Autism clinic in the South East of England in 2019 (based on the successful Mifne clinic).

2 - The establishment of a comprehensive and innovative online portal and support community for parents and carers of autistic children.

3 - A high-profile awareness campaign on the value and benefits of early intervention in autism

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