About The Upper Room

The Upper Room is a front line charity working with socially and economically disadvantaged people from some of the most deprived areas of London. We work with ex-offenders and homeless people, amongst others, to help them improve their lives and social conditions, and gain the self-confidence to become economically independent and productive members of society. 


Our projects include the award-winning UR4Driving project, which helps ex-offenders avoid recidivism by improving their self-confidence and employability, and teaching them to drive and gain a driver's licence. Our long-standing UR4Meals project runs a 5 star-rated kitchen which provides evening meals 5 days a week to homeless and other disadvantaged groups. Our UR4Jobs project supports various disadvantaged groups, including ex-offenders and destitute economic migrants, helping them to improve their employability.


Our Vision

The Upper Room’s vision is of communities where every disadvantaged person, including the homeless, ex-offenders and destitute migrants, are empowered to make positive contributions to society and their dignity restored.


Our Mission

The Upper Room is a charity supporting socially excluded and economically disadvantaged people across London, including the homeless, ex-offenders and destitute migrants, helping them become productive members of society by meeting their immediate sustenance needs while working with them to improve their employability and life chances in general in the long term. By improving the lives of disadvantaged people we also generate social benefits associated with fewer victims of crime for communities.

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