About Theodora Children's Charity

Theodora Children’s Charity is a truly inspirational and pioneering charity which successfully works to improve children’s wellbeing experience of being in hospital or a specialist care setting.

Over the past 26 years we have made a positive impact on over half a million children and their families in the UK by improving children’s experience of being in hospital through visits from professional performers, called Giggle Doctors. 

Our Giggle Doctors increase opportunities for play, reduce distress and anxiety and give children back an element of control. They achieve this through improvised play which puts the child at the centre of the interaction and through the use of music, magic, storytelling, comedy and mime. 

We benefit from a small,devoted and committed office team and we have an ambition to do so much more.

By working with us  you will have the opportunity to be an integral part of a unique charity bringing fun and laughter to thousands of children every year. 

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