About ThinkForward

ThinkForward provides long-term coaching that gets young people ready for the world of work. We develop the skills that young people need, help them overcome the challenges that keep them from succeeding, and facilitate employability activities to broaden their horizons and provide experience of the workplace.

ThinkForward aims to be a place where all can thrive. We will lead from the front by placing equity, diversity, and inclusion at the heart of all we do as an employer, in our work with young people, and within our sphere of influence. We value creativity, productivity, good decision-making and reputation, and we know that good equity, diversity, and inclusion practices will build these. 

We are working to create a world where our young people are more likely to thrive, and the absence of uniformity is considered a strength. We want learning and challenging the status quo to be considered progressive and where people's ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, disabilities, learning abilities, or socio-economic origin are not the defining characteristics of their potential for success. 

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