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Our vision: A world where everyone feels part of a community

At Time & Talents, we know that ‘community’ doesn’t just happen by itself. It has to be nurtured, supported, and brought together. And for over 132 years, T&T has been working to make sure that nobody is left out, and that everyone feels part of our community. We believe that fun, friendships, and helping people help each other makes a happier, healthier community where everyone is included.

Our impact and influence

T&T is a well-respected and much-loved local charity that is increasingly known for its innovative multi-generational community work. In the last year, we provided targeted services to over 300 elderly and disabled people, and attracted over 7000 local people of all ages and backgrounds to our community activities and events. We've recently greatly increased our work with children & families, as well as offering adult learning. We are small but we ‘punch above our weight’ in influence and importance to the local voluntary sector, and most of all, in our impact for beneficiaries.

What it's like to work with us

Time & Talents is a creative, dynamic organisation where every day is different, where we're constantly seeking new ways to bring our community together, and where there are always opportunities to try new, innovative things. Based in a beautiful heritage building in mature gardens, just minutes from the centre of London, roles here are fast-paced, varied, fun, and involve a lot of multi-tasking - from people are are genunely passionate about what we do! There are a wide range of new and exciting projects starting at T&T, alongside some very high quality, highly impactful services which have run successfully for many years.

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