About Time to Help UK

Founded in 2013, Time To Help UK is a registered charity (No. 1160467) aiming to help impoverished people globally. TTH is trying to help people to get their financial independence with sustainable projects Time to Help UK has completed significant projects successfully in a range of different countries, including building water wells in Africa, providing medical care for sufferers of cataract in Pakistan, and setting up food tents and bringing relief to people affected by disasters such as the Nepal earthquake.

Since its establishment, Time to Help UK has endeavoured to stand by the needy, orphan or anyone affected by a disaster, and has extended a helping hand towards them. For this purpose, we have rushed to the aid of people during the Haiyan Typhoon in the Philippines, the mine disaster in Soma, the Syrian crisis. We have recently started projects, in our local communities, mainly in the Enfield area of London, to support the homeless and destitute. We are also providing language and counselling services to refugees who had to flee their home with the hope of establishing a new life in the UK.

0 jobs with Time to Help UK

  • Homeless Breakfast
  • Qurbani Distribution
  • Refugee Food Packages
  • Water Well
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