About Touch Network CIC

Our vision

Our vision is to enable storytelling events to take place in every neighbourhood across our city, to bring people together both in person and through an online community, sharing stories, creating connection and inspiring hope.

We want to empower our community to articulate their own story.  Take ownership of it.  See the positives and recognise their courage.  Together, we want to create memories.  Our storytelling events are sociable, guests are encouraged to believe in themselves and given the confidence to deal with tomorrow and the next day, and whatever life throws at them.

What we do
We share and celebrate everyday stories of resilience. By doing so, we prevent struggles with mental wellbeing beginning, or getting worse.

Through providing a platform to share and hear meaningful real-life stories using online and face to face events and tools, we cheer each other on and learn from one another. We use these stories to enable positive change in our communities and the NHS and social care environment.

The difference we make

We are a community brought together by stories, this in turn supports mental wellbeing and prevents mental ill health beginning or getting worse. We bring neighbourhoods together through sharing stories which builds on community cohesion and all the benefits that come with this. We improve services and experiences within NHS and Social Care by enabling practitioners to truly listen to the experience of those using their services, in turn helping practitioners to know what matters and build services around this.

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