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TSSA and its predecessors were established in 1897. TSSA is an independent trade union representing members in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Our membership spans salaried staff in a wide range of industries including the Rail Industry, Travel Trade, Engineering Industry, and London Transport. TSSA represents its membership in their employment both individually and collectively and campaigns on members’ behalf directly and through our affiliations.

We are committed to developing an organising union. This means having the most effective organisation in the workplace, with high quality lay representatives who receive the best possible leadership and support from our staff. Our staff structure is as follows;

Management Team
The General Secretary is responsible for the day to day running of the union including its finances; for carrying out the policies and decisions of the Executive Committee and Annual Conference; for advising and making recommendations to the Executive Committee on policy questions; and for acting as the Association’s principal spokesperson and representative. He is directly responsible for the Management Team which comprises the Assistant General Secretary and three Organising Directors.

Support Services
This Department is responsible for the day to day management of TSSA’s Membership, finances, all staffing matters, IT systems management and print services. Within this department we also have employment and policy advisers, press officer, political officer and communications manager who are responsible for co-ordinating all policy bodies of TSSA and liaising with key stakeholders. This means campaigning and promoting TSSA and its work externally – to current and potential members, the press, key opinion formers and government. The department is also responsible for producing TSSA’s promotional literature and materials, our on-line and social media communication and the members’ magazine. It provides information to assist negotiations and campaigns as well as providing members with a free-phone employment helpdesk.

This Department is responsible for ensuring that TSSA members within Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland have the support they need to be able to organise in their own workplaces, as well as be provided with effective industrial representation. Four Organising teams are led by Organising Directors and the General Secretary. Their key function is to be the first point of contact for lay representatives (members whom actively represent other members in their own workplaces). A key part of their job is to lead, develop and support representatives to ensure the establishment of self-sustaining workplace organisations. They also have the important responsibility of ensuring that equalities and diversity, communities, education and life-long learning are firmly embedded in our bargaining and campaigning strategies.

TSSA’s head office is in Liverpool St, London and we have regional offices in Dublin, Glasgow, York, Manchester and Bristol. Our print services are based in Derby.

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