About UK Cohousing Network

The UK Cohousing Network (UKCN) was established following the UK’s first Cohousing Conference in 2007.  UKCN is the national cohousing membership organisation with a mission to enable communities to use the cohousing principles to create better places to live by sharing facilities and services to reduce isolation, loneliness and living costs. UKCN currently has 150 members comprising established, forming and developing groups across the UK.

UKCN is a resource for anyone interested in learning about cohousing, alongside an advice service for local councils, housing associations, and others working for progressive social change. 

UKCN aims: 

  • Promote the widespread adoption of cohousing as a desirable, practical and mainstream housing choice for anyone who wants it

  • Become a proactive enabler of new and retrofit cohousing projects to speed up groups’ ability to progress from group formation to moving into their new community

  • To increase the skills and self-confidence of people who want to adopt cohousing principles in existing accommodation. 

  • Champion cohousing principles in mainstream public policy making

Our members’ manifesto, crowd-sourced at a recent UKCN Conference, placed new emphasis on:

  • Genuine affordability for all

  • Support for rental as well as ownership forms of tenure

  • Joint working with other community housing organisations

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