About UK Community Foundations

We are a national network dedicated to working locally and inspiring people to give. We help people and organisations to invest in local communities where it is most needed and where it will make most impact.

Our network consists of 46 Community Foundations. We cover the whole of the United Kingdom and we have an unparalleled reach into local communities. Each Community Foundation has an in depth understanding of their local area, what the priority needs are and how best to address these issues. They are able to direct donors to fund causes that they are not only passionate about but that will make the most difference.

Community Foundations are the only way for local people to give right to the heart of their communities wherever they live across Britain. They address the widest possible range of issues and intervene in the hardest to reach communities.

We are one of the largest grant-givers in the UK, totalling almost £100 million per year, which means that Community Foundations have a huge impact in their local areas.

The support they give to local communities ranges from supporting very small groups such as lunch clubs for the elderly to food banks, training for young people to get them into employment and support groups for people with mental health needs.

The impact made in local areas is significant. People’s lives are changed by the support given to them by their Community Foundation. But if you look at the difference that Community Foundations are making as a collective, across the whole of the UK, then that impact is huge.

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