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We train and deploy medical teams and specialists to save lives when epidemics, conflict and natural disasters hit. As disasters grow more frequent, severe and complex there has never been a greater need to respond quickly and effectively. We believe in a world prepared to help.

It started in 1988 with a team of eight Manchester clinicians led by our founder Tony Redmond, when a huge earthquake ripped through Armenia. Teams continued to deploy throughout the 1990’s and 2000s, and when Ebola struck West Africa in 2014 UK-Med stepped up.  We recruited and trained the one hundred and fifty UK clinicians who worked alongside local medical teams, other NGOs and DfID to bring the outbreak under control.

UK-Med has deployed teams to a range of countries and crises including Cape Verde, China, Gaza, Haiti, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Indonesia, Jordan, Kosovo, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sierra Leone and Bangladesh.  Our teams have undertaken a range of work on deployment including general medical care, trauma and surgical care, outbreak response and training of local healthcare staff.

We are a core partner in the delivery of the DFID funded UK Emergency Medical Team (UK EMT) programme.

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