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Founded over 100 years ago, UK Youth is a leading national charity that exists to ensure all young people are equipped to thrive and empowered to contribute at every stage of their lives. UK Youth provides young people with life skills, delivered through a network of local youth organisations which make up the UK Youth Movement. 

The UK Youth Movement is made up of over 5,500 local youth organisations across the UK. We deliver innovative youth services with a focus on personal and social skills development to more than 100,000 young people every year. We grow effective practice and campaign to increase support for all young people in the UK and the 1.6 million young people reached through our network. 

Young people with complex needs and those from disadvantaged backgrounds are being hardest hit by rising inequality and cuts to local services. Never has there been a more crucial time for organisations to work with young people. 

91% of young people supported by UK Youth face at least one barrier to progression; from being in care, experiencing homelessness to having a disability or poor mental health. We work in partnership with local youth clubs and organisations to deliver high-quality services, grow good practice and campaign to increase nationwide investment and support for young people and youth work.

For many young people, their youth worker can be one of the only people they can openly talk to, and their club is the only space they have to develop their voice, explore their character and realise their full potential. 

We stand with youth to ensure their voices are heard as we continue to campaign with them to have access to life-changing opportunities. To find out more, visit the UK Youth website.

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