About United Kingdom Literacy Association

About the United Kingdom Literacy Association


The United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA) is a small educational charity which was founded over 55 years ago in 1963 as the United Kingdom Reading Association. In 2003 it changed its name to the United Kingdom Literacy Association, to reflect more accurately its wider range of concerns.


UKLA members include teachers, teaching assistants, schools, student teachers, researchers, consultants, Higher Education tutors, authors, illustrators, publishers and librarians in the United Kingdom and overseas. UKLA offers regional, national and international conferences and related activities, and celebrates language achievements through a system of awards. The Association also sells a wide range of books and other publications as well as supporting and disseminating research. While the UKLA’s principal mission is to support those concerned with teaching and learning, membership is open to anyone interested in education. UKLA recognises the value of discussion and debate, and welcomes a range and variety of viewpoints within its broad-based membership. Funding derives mainly from membership fees, publications and conferences.


UKLA is committed to promoting good practice nationally and internationally in literacy and language teaching and research. The Association aims to inform all those interested in the development of language, literacy and communication, encouraging them in reflection and dialogue, supporting their practice and giving public voice to their concerns. It has the advancement of education in literacy as its sole object. In fulfilling its mission, UKLA supports many different aspects of education in literacy: professional development; research in language and literacy; advocacy for a wide range of language and literacy issues; equality of opportunity for all language users.

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