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The University of Exeter Students' Guild is a dynamic, innovative and award winning organisation, existing to represent the 15,500 diverse students of the University of Exeter; we are a member-led organisation and exist to make a positive difference to the life of every student whilst at the University

Led by Students

The Students’ Guild is the students’ union for students at the University of Exeter's Streatham and St. Luke’s campuses. The Guild exists to represent the voice of the student body to the University and works to ensure that every student gets the most out of their time at Exeter. Every student is automatically a member of the Students' Guild and can access all the services and opportunities that it provides.


The Students' Guild is a democratic organisation led by four Sabbatical Officers (or ‘Sabbs’ as they are known around campus) who are elected to office each year. Guild Council scrutinises the work of the Sabbaticals and oversees the democratic processes within the Guild including elections and changes to Students' Guild policy and bylaws. Elections are held at key times during each academic year during which students stand for strongly contested positions such as Academic Reps, Guild Reps, positions on Halls Committee and many others.


The Students' Guild provides support to students with problems they might be experiencing during their time at University. The Advice Unit offers a wealth of information and helps with students’ worries and problems, whether they are Uni-related or not. From course problems and landlord issues to health worries or money difficulties, the Advice Unit is here to help and signpost students to expert support where necessary.

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