UP (Unlocking Potenital) London

Help us create ‘UP LONDON’ by getting involved during our early stages of the start-up phase where you will be making a difference building a unique young people’s charity that transforms the lives of young Londoners.

About UP London:

We are a start-up young people’s charity that are passionate about helping disadvantaged young Londoners to transform their lives and to succeed in their lives. Our aim is to accompany young people through adolescence, while helping them to unlock and to reach their full potential, grow up healthy, be part of society and be prepared for their future. We want young people to achieve their dreams but if they don't, we want them to be able to reflect positively on what's happened and learn from it.

We will do this by providing a range of fun, interactive and structured programmes, training workshops and events, where young people will have access to positive motivational and inspirational role models to help them develop their self-confidence and belief in themselves and help divert young people who feel their only choice is to enter into the wrong types of crowds, especially when they take a wrong turn or feel they have nowhere else to turn. We will guide and support young people and show them that there is a different path.

Our aim is to initially provide programmes in the following key 4 areas and then later add in new programmes based on the needs and aspirations of young people accessing our services, as well as those across London.

The 4 key areas include:

  1. Youth Leadership Programme
  2. Youth Employability Skills Programme
  3. Youth Life Skills Programme
  4. Youth Mental Health Skills Programme

What are the benefits of volunteering with UP London?

  • The opportunity to influence the lives of young Londoners and help transform young lives.
  • Make a difference and a chance to give back to the local community and help others.
  • Personal development opportunities, training and learning new skills.
  • On the job, hands on experience, gaining experience working with a diverse cohort of people in a start-up young peoples’ charity.
  • A credible reference to enhance your CV and future career prospects.
  • Have fun, meet new people, make friends and be part of something exciting.
  • Being part of a reputable growing and truly inspirational young people’s charity.

UP LONDON: Giving young people more than a chance

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