About Villiers Park Educational Trust

We've been working with less advantaged young people since 1909 to empower them to achieve better life outcomes.  Since our flagship Scholars Programme was launched ten years ago, it has helped hundreds of high ability, less advantaged students, aged 14-18, to achieve their academic and personal goals.   Our range of unique and highly-tailored programmes increase aspirations for learning and motivation, develop academic, employability and personal skills, raise attainment at every stage and improve the learning environment.  Ultimately, they empower young people to succeed in education, enabling them to secure a space at a leading university or on other high level routes, such as degree apprenticeships, and to succeed in their careers. In addition, our students become a catalyst for change in their schools and ambassadors for their learning communities. 

We believe every young person should have an equal opportunity to excel at school, at university and into their careers.

With social mobility an ongoing problem in the UK, Villiers Park Educational Trust is also campaigning alongside other 3rd sector organisations for action at the highest level.


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