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Branches Hostel

Branches Hostel  is based in Waltham Forest, east London. We provide short-term accommodation in 27-bed self-contained units for former rough sleepers and homeless people.

Branches Hostel is a welcoming, supportive and dynamic environment.  We are the only hostel in the borough providing support , advocacy and counselling services for people with multiple and complex needs including mental health and susbstance misuse.

Our mission - end homelessness in Waltham Forest and the surrounding areas.

Our vision -  every homeless person has the opportunity to turnaround their lives.  

Our overarching aim for individuals is that they move on to successful, sustainable independent living. 

Support needs of service users

Coming in to Branches Hostel, people have the opportunity to rebuild confidence while striving to achieve their personal goals. 30 - 40 people move on from Branches Hostel each year. Most move on to more suitable permanent accommodation, with the support of our resettlement programme. 

People who work for us

We have highly-skilled, energetic people working with us! They provide support, advocacy and counselling services, and housing management 24/7 in our hostel.  We are assisted by an ever-growing group of enthusiastic volunteers who bring additional skills and experiences, which contribute to life opportunities for people living in Branches Hostel. 

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