About Wave for Change

Wave is working to change attitudes so that we see more places in the heart of communities where people with and without learning disabilities are equally valued. 

We like that our work can be summed up in the two meanings of the word ‘wave’, a universal sign of friendship and a powerful force that can break down barriers. 

Our aim is to use the experience and learning gained from establishing inclusive groups in North London, to encourage and enable other communities to socialise, learn, work and worship TOGETHER, doing things “with not for” each other.We have seen how this approach can overcome the fear and ignorance that is often at the root cause of exclusion and social segregation. 

Wave was established in 2009 when a group of parents decided they wanted to ‘do something significant’ to improve the inclusion of individuals who are marginalised as a result of having a learning disability.  Wave is founded on the belief that we are all valued equally, irrespective of our abilities.  While the background and roots of Wave are based on the Christian faith, our over-riding ethos is one of inclusion – we aim to share this love and acceptance of all in the work that we do.

Research conducted in 2019 shows that 61% of adults with and without learning disabilities in the UK are interested in mixing, but that the majority lack the opportunity and confidence to do this.  Wave in a Box is the initiative that we are developing that will help to bridge this gap in inclusive social opportunities!

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