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About us

Who we are

WeSwim provides dedicated activity sessions for adults with disabilities in swimming pools across London.

Partnering with local pool providers, and with sessions led by friendly volunteers, we’re dedicated to creating a sense of community. A safe space for members to be sociable, build confidence and become more active.

WeSwim provides an alternative to public pool sessions and swimming clubs, creating a more welcoming, more accessible and more recreational environment for all abilities.

A space in which people can use their time in the water as they wish. Improving swimming, working mind and muscles, or simply escaping to welcoming and engaging surroundings.

We’re committed to ensuring everyone has the freedom to be active, in a truly inclusive environment.

Our culture and values

A community of individuals

We bring people together while celebrating individuality.

We recognise and embrace diversity in our membership and our teams. We respect people’s challenges and celebrate their strengths. Creating an inclusive environment where members and volunteers can thrive.

Focusing on needs rather than disabilities. Actively seeking feedback, tailoring our services accordingly and communicating with passion.


Progressive accessibility

We strive to be accessible in everything we do. From the venues we use, to the way that we operate and communicate.

We come with no expectation of experience or ability. Everyone is made welcome, both in-person and online.

And we’re always looking to drive WeSwim forward for the benefit of the many.


Trusted to serve

Safety always comes first. We ensure our teams are DBS-checked. We always ensure attendees are supported by confident swimmers. And we always have the right people poolside and from the committee at each session.

We exist for our members enjoyment. We’re reliable and fulfil commitments. And we always go out of our way to support our members and the rest of our team.


In balance

The benefits of our initiative holistically benefit mind and body. And that harmony powers our actions.

We always look for a balanced approach. Considering quantity vs. quality. Challenging vs. reassuring individuals. Delivering efficiently vs customised solutions.

Always aiming for the perfect blend of where reality meets ideals.


Equality, diversity and inclusion policy

Equality, diversity and inclusion is the core of what we do at WeSwim. 
We strive to have people with disabilities represented in our staff, volunteers and managers. We welcome and include swimmers from a wide range of backgrounds and continually working to get good representation across our volunteers. 

We would actively welcome people with disabilities to apply for this role. 


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