About Womens Aid in Luton

Women’s Aid in Luton is a voluntary organisation supporting women and children who fall victim to domestic abuse. We offer support and guidance to women’s and children from all backgrounds and circumstances. For some this will just be someone to listen and for others this will be to offer them complete support to break away and start again. This may be through our helpline or even through one of our drop-in support groups.

We are the only organisation providing domestic abuse refuge accommodation in Luton. These refuges are vital in allowing women access to peer support groups, education, one to one sessions with trained staff, access to legal advice. Our children’s service is vital part of Women’s Aid in Luton, the trained and skilled children’s support workers are able to work with the children that come into refuge to allow them to come to terms with their experiences.


As well as providing a range of support services including a helpline Women's Aid in Luton is the only organisation providing refuge accommodation for women and children suffering from domestic abuse.  We have a long history of providing one to one support and now we are focused on  securing sustainable funding and improving our governance and operating processes.  This will bring increased stability to the organization and will ensure that we are able to support more women and children who need our help.  

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