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The Work Rights Centre is a charity dedicated to employment justice. You may have read about our work in the news. Every week two multilingual teams of advisers in London and Manchester provide free and confidential consultations to vulnerable UK and EU nationals. We help beneficiaries access their employment rights when they have been breached, and equip them with the skills to accede to better paid, more secure employment. 

History. Since 2016 when we were founded in the London borough of Brent, we have gathered a fantastic team of kind, competent advisers, who have assisted over 3,000 individuals in rebuilding their lives, and helped recover over £113,000 in unpaid wages. Gradually, we are also accumulating the knowledge and resources to pursue our mission of ending in-work poverty through campaigning and policy change, with a view to enacting long-term change. Our work has been featured in the Guardian, the Independent, and several other outlets, and we regularly advise local authorities and diplomatic missions.

Team. Currently we have a team of 4 full time and 7 part time members of staff. We welcome colleagues who share our passion for social mobily, and want to dedicate their work to a cause with real social value. If this is you, just get in toch.

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