About Wycombe Homeless Connection

Wycombe Homeless Connection is a Christian-led registered charity that serves people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in south Buckinghamshire.

We provide free support and advice services all year round. Our specialist team of frontline workers  and skilled volunteers prevent homelessness before it starts; reduce harm for people who are homeless; help house people who are homeless and defend the rights of people who are homeless or facing homelessness. 

Whilst we are always ready to give an explanation for our mission we do not seek to promote religion  nor impose our Christian faith or beliefs on others. We believe that every person who is homeless in our community has worth and should have a fresh start, no matter what their situation. We are committed to there being zero tolerance to leaving people to live on the street; we believe that there should be enough homes for everyone and that everything that can be done should be done to prevent anyone ever losing their home. 

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