About Wythenshawe Community Initiative

Wythenshawe Community Initiative Ltd is a charity based at Woodhouse Park Family Centre and delivering services across Wythenshawe. The organisation was created by the hard work and determination of local residents who recognised a need for some sort of community support in the area.

Our Vision

A better life for children and families in Wythenshawe. 

Our Mission

To be the first port of call for families needing support in Wythenshawe. 

Our Objectives 

• Supporting, enabling and responding to children, young people and families both individually and in groups. 

• Providing a safe and stimulating environment for children to learn and play in. 

• Enabling people to have access to training relevant to their needs as volunteers, workers or committee   members. 

• Actively involving local people in the management and operation of the organisation. 

• Enabling local people to respond to the lack of opportunities, resources and high level of need in the area. 

• Networking with other agencies and community groups active in the area. 

• Actively promoting the employment of local people within the organisation. 

• Considering how to ensure the long-term economic viability and sustainability of the organisation. 

Our Strategic Aims 

Family Support - To work with families, in all their forms, at home or at the centre to ensure they are happy, safe and independent. 

Inclusion - To be a model of excellence in Manchester for inclusive practice to ensure all children aged 0-13 attending our services are safe, happy, and valued as individuals. 

Service Excellence - All services provided will be recognised both internally and externally as examples of excellent practice. 

We have been running for 25 years and over that time have supported over 5,000 families and created more than 50 employment opportunities for local people. You can see our work in action in a short video which can be viewed using the following link -

From its starting point of one single employed staff member supported by an invaluable bank of volunteers WCI has expanded greatly in order to respond to local need, not only in Woodhouse Park but across Wythenshawe. We now employ 6 salaried staff, have a team of more than 14 sessional staff and over 15 volunteers, all of whom support us to run a variety of services for local children and families

Community involvement has always been central to our way of working. Local people are encouraged and enabled to participate in the running, planning and development of the organisation. The majority of staff live locally and we have a strong record of developing users through training and placements to become paid workers.

We pride ourselves on being a Centre that is welcoming and supportive for all our local families, but especially those who are facing a difficult time for whatever reason. We take a holistic approach to our support for families

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