About Young Camden Foundation

The voluntary youth sector plays a vital role in the lives of young people, but the barriers they face are complex and won’t be solved in isolation.

Young Camden Foundation (YCF) is a membership-led organisation that aims to improve the life chances of children and young people in Camden by building capacity in the Children and Young People’s sector. Set up as a joint venture in May 2017 by London Borough of Camden and John Lyons Charity, YCF aims to provide a new model of local support.

Through our work we promote:

RESILIENCE | We work to build capacity and better equip the community with resources and funding 

COLLABORATION | We connect and work with organisations to develop and new and entrepreneurial approaches that will improve opportunities for young people

ADVOCACY | We champion Camden’s youth sector, working to raise the profile of existing youth services and influence decision making

YCF is an innovative cross-sector partnership, working with youth clubs, charities, schools, businesses and London Borough of Camden. Together we will shape opportunities and create the best services for children and young people in Camden through supporting and sustaining the children and young people’s sector.

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