About Youth Adventure Trust

Outdoor adventure can have a massive impact on somebody's life. Especially when you are 11 and vulnerable.

The Youth Adventure Trust works with disadvantaged young people from the age of 11 until they are 14.  Many of them are struggling at school, aren't able to fit in, hate being in the classroom, have no positive role model, no aspirations, or chaotic and unstable home lives. They could be young carers looking after a parent or other family member, they may be in foster care, or on the brink of being excluded from school.

Their circumstances make it all too easy for these young people to make poor choices that will affect the rest of their lives. By taking them outside, we help them discover their true potential and exceed their expectations. We use outdoor adventure to inspire them and give them the hope, confidence and skills to face their personal challenges. We stop them becoming another statistic.

Our life changing 3 school year programme is free to the young person, but each place costs us £3,300.  Each year 80 young people join our programme, so there are 240 on the programme at any point in time.

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